Privacy Policy

Updated by Admin on June 17, 2022

Log Files

Like most websites, also uses log files. When you visit our website, we may also collect log files sent by your browser to record your use of the website. The information in the log file includes Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, Internet Service Provider (ISP), browser type and language, date/time stamp, referral/exit pages and analysis of trends, management of the website, and information about the time spent on particular pages, which parts of the site you visited.


We will use cookies on this website. Cookies are a piece of data stored on the hard disk of visitors. Cookies can help us improve your access to our website and identify visitors who visit our website repeatedly. And we only use Google Analytics to show us the number of visitors at each day or month. There are no third party servers or advertisements on our website. So your visit to our website will not involve a third party. If you want to disable cookies, you can disable them through browser options.

Information Collection And Use

We may use the information collected on for the following purposes:

Reply to your inquiry with the email address you provided to us;
Provide the products and services you need;
Data analysis of website usage;
Identify and prevent fraud and other criminal activities;
We will not disclose aggregate data about user behavior to the third parties.

Security and Service Providers

Security is a high priority. is an independent website. We have our own website construction team and service team. We do not cooperate with any third-party service providers and will not disclose user information to any third-party institutions.

Compliance With Laws

We will disclose your personal information when required by law or subpoenas; or when we believe we need to take necessary actions to comply with laws; or we need to protect the security and integrity of our services.

Links To Other Sites

Our services contain links to other sites that we do not operate. Through a two-way link, you will be directed to the third party’s website. We strongly recommend that you review the privacy policy of each website you visit. We have no control over the content, privacy policy or behavior of any third-party website, and we do not assume any responsibility.

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