Adult Hookup in the US is Up 66% During COVID-19 Compared to 2019

America has already reached the first position and recorded the highest active and death rates due to COVID-19. Almost 5.21 million people are diagnosed with Coronavirus by August 12. Still, people of the United States are not giving up on adult hookups. In addition to that, they are not even wearing masks or sanitizing hands. Here are some of the reasons why the adult hookup rate is increasing every day in the United States.

adult hookup

Americans love freedom

Freedom is something that everybody enjoys, and so do the adults. COVID-19 has become a pandemic, which has brought changes in the lifestyle. Education, work, lifestyle, and dating have witnessed overnight changes due to COVID-19. Americans give priority to freedom, and after the pandemic hit, it became a question. Even though the concept of online dating has become quite popular, still nothing feels better than going out.

None of the citizens are aware of how harmful the virus can be and how quickly it can spread. Social isolation has become the most important step. According to some studies, the adult hookup rate has risen to almost 66% during COVID-19 compared to 2019. Indeed, social isolation is quite monotonous, especially when there is no end to lockdown.

Social isolation is monotonous

To avoid the spreading of Coronavirus, it is necessary to maintain social distancing. However, as already mentioned, Americans always run after freedom. The whole world is fighting against the pandemic. They are still interested in hookups, especially adults. Due to this reason, the number of active cases and the death rate is rising every day.

We all are guilty of not maintaining the rules and regulations of the World Health Organization. Some of the Americans are of the view that social isolation is boring. It is one of the reasons that the data is increasing every day along with the Coronavirus cases. Not maintaining social distance is turning out to be the reason behind active COVID-19 cases.

People are not aware of how dangerous the virus is

It has been noticed that some of the Americans are not giving enough importance to social isolation. Hookups, spending time together, and even involving in sexual activities are spreading the virus. Compared to last year, the rate of adult hookups rose to about 66% in 2020.

Even after facing difficult situations, people are still giving importance to hookups. Apart from that, they are not wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and taking other precautions. All these reasons are making it difficult for the country to control the spread.

Hence, reducing the rate of adult hookups might help to bring down the affect rate in America for sure.

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