4 Useful Tips on How to Convince My Family that I Am Bisexual

Talking about ‘I am bisexual’ and your relationships with parents is tough. You will not only feel nervous but also feel anxious and scared. Besides, you have to confident about your relationship. Otherwise, you will never be able to face the consequences. Following certain steps while discussing will make things easier. Listed below are some of the steps that you should follow:

i am bisexual

Make sure that you are comfortable with your choice

There is a difference between certainty about your sexuality and staying comfortable with it. It is fine to be a bisexual these days, especially after the LGBTQ community became significant. However, if you feel guilty or shameful after making your choice, then it is best to wait.

Before you share your story with your parents, it is crucial for you to accept the choices you made. In case you are not sure about the choices, you might face difficulties in maintaining the relationship in the future. Therefore, a couple of practices are important.

For example, standing in front of a mirror, converse with yourself. This will give you enough confidence. It is okay to feel nervous so keep practicing until you feel confident. After all, it takes a lot of courage and emotional energy to come out.

Find out your support system

Since coming out is tough, you have to find out a support system. If you think that your parents believe in orthodox views, find out someone on whom you can depend. Besides, if you have an understanding support system, you will instantly feel comfortable.

Moreover, you will have a back to support you even if your parents don’t support your choices. You can either talk to any other relative regarding your relationship. Make them understand that if they can talk on your behalf, it will be helpful.

In addition, your relative can come up with some advice as well. You can also ask them to be with you while discussing with your parents.

Choose a time when your parents stay in a good mood

Since the topic is sensitive and the conversation can become tense, it is best to choose a suitable time. Before you start discussing the topic, find out that what is going on in your house. Alternatively, you must find out if your parents are stressing over anything, then it might not be the right time. The best time to talk is after dinner. Similarly, the weekend is a good time as well.

A safety plan is necessary

Be attentive towards how your parents react when talking about LGBT people. Whether they make angry comments in bisexual or do not support such relationships, everything is important to consider. In case you are unsure about how they will react, watch some films or TV shows featuring bisexual content or talk about some bisexual dating apps.

Therefore, if you follow the above-mentioned steps, it will become easier to talk about ‘I am bisexual’ and your relationship with your parents.

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