Cougar Women Needed: How can I Identify a Cougar?

Dating cougars has become a common fantasy or a desire for the young cubs these days. If you are looking forward to date cougars, then look for these traits, it will surely help you to identify a cougar:

cougar women

Cougar women are confident, successful and experienced

Breaking stereotypical myths is a real deal these days. The same thing applies to the cougars as well. Women these days believe in becoming financially independent and confident. Success is the only thing that makes them confident. When dating a cougar, you will notice that women are successful in their respective fields. Apart from that, they have a good educational background. It might be your opportunity to take them with you to any parties.

If you are searching for cougars, learn a few signs that will make your search easier. You will find them mostly in high profile parties talking about politics and the market. Coming to experience in sexual activities, they have a better experience than you have. Therefore, you can already understand that you will no doubt have quite a lot of fun.

They show interest in active, adventurous, and young men

You probably know that cougars are women above the age of 35. However, mistaking them as old is stupidity. If any cougar shows interest in you, she will let you know by trying to be close to you. You will clearly understand since they like dating young men. Therefore, if you are adventurous and active enough, then you can happily date cougars.

High profile parties, dating sites and apps are the best places where you can spot a cougar woman. Chances are there that she might express her sexuality publicly, so get ready to experience that. Never assume that she will date you for your money. She will date you for some sexual flings, and if you pamper them, it would be a cherry on top.

Cougar women remain concerned about their figure and appearance

Even though cougars are mostly above thirty years of age, so you would be thinking that they are not attractive. Well, it would be better, if you come out of that myth. Cougars maintain themselves and workout to keep a check on fitness. Apart from that, they visit salons to take advanced beauty treatments. Their beauty, sense of humor, and dressing sense is something that excites men.

Hence, these are some of the signs following which you can spot the cougars. Overall, if you are someone who appreciates and sexually satisfies her, then she would love dating you.

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