4 Tips on How to Identify Fake Sugar Daddies on Sugar Daddy Sites

Handling sugar daddies online can be tough since everything is virtual. You will come across thousands of scammers throughout those profiles. However, if you stay attentive, you can easily keep them away from you, here are 3 tips on how to identify fake sugar daddies on some sugar daddy sites or apps:

If he asks for your account number

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If you are into sugar daddies, then it is best if you take cash or through selected e-money apps. However, if your sugar daddy asks you for bank account details, he might be fake. Before connecting with a sugar daddy, make sure to discuss your payment modes. The reason behind this is accepting cash or using e-money apps is no doubt safe. However, if your sugar daddy is a scammer, then he will make baseless excuses.

For example, he may say his account is not working or may tell you that his previous sugar baby defrauded him. Scammers only intend to defraud you and the sites or apps won’t allow them to do so. Hence, if you want to be safe, do not give out your account details.

Non-existent identities and info on profiles

Surfing the internet for years no doubt makes you efficient enough to spot any fake id. When sugar babies look for profiles on the internet, they mostly look for the vibe as well as they look. While the real sugar daddies have plenty of pictures on their profile, scammers would have non-existent identities. Besides, their bios will have info on how they can make your life exciting.

Apart from that, you might have come across such profiles saying sugar babies will get money on contacting. Sometimes, scammers send DM’s like ‘if you want me to spoil you, contact me’. Hence, summing up things, real daddies will never hide their identity. Alternatively, they will never show that they are hungry for company or sex.

Weird conversations or languages

Another important sign is that real daddies will begin conversations on a good note. For example, they will ask about your hobbies, your needs. Many even ask about your plans, what arrangements you like for dates, etc. Whereas, the way scammers talk will seem fake and robotic.

They have fake English and do not sound professional. On top of that, they will call you ‘Sugar Baby’ or even ask you for your bank account details. Even if they are fake, they will continuously ask you to trust them.

Try sugar daddy sites or apps that have certified members

Some famous sugar daddy websites or apps will ask their male members to certify their identity and income to prove they are real daddies. If you are looking for sugar daddies on online platforms, choose those ones that have certified features.

Hence, if you want to be a sugar baby, you will have to be smart enough. To avoid defrauders, keep these tips in your mind.

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