As a Straight Person, Would You Date a Bisexual Person?

If you are a part of the community who takes a hard line to judge bisexuality and consistently debate this topic, this post is right for you! And if you are a straight person who wants to date a bisexual, this post is right for you as well.

You might be struggling with your own romantic emotions towards a person of similar sex while being in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex. Yes, it is a very complex situation! Especially when the concept of bisexuality is still unexplained to society, it has become a more challenging concept.

date a bisexual

Being a ‘straight’ if you want to date a bisexual, you should at least know how do they exactly feel and what do they seek from a relationship. Now, if you have identified yourself to be straight, let’s help you understand the bisexual category.

A bisexual person is someone who loves both Males and Females. It will vary from person to person. For instance, a bisexual woman may be physically attracted to men but feel emotionally attracted to other women.

In general, bisexual communities are facing lots of problems and misconceptions. People have confused their category with a bunch of people who are likely to be selfish and disloyal.

However, it is untrue! In the real world, people may still misunderstand the bisexual community. And they may still question bisexuals’ existence. Maybe this is the reason why some straight persons do not prefer to date a bisexual.

However, it’s high time that bisexuals should get equal respect in the society like gays and lesbians. Here are some of the tips; you must keep in mind while dating a bisexual person:

Listen and be communicative and be an ally

If you want to date a bi person, you should make them comfortable with you. Do excellent communication with them rather than listen to their opinions, give your suggestion, and avoid unnecessary questions. Try to know how they actually feel and struggle for their acceptance in society.

Do not cheat on your partner

The commonly accepted definition of bisexuality is far outdated and, quite frankly, inadequate. It is not just the sexual attraction to both men and women. It is just as complicated as any sexual orientation and deserves to be understood by everyone. Therefore, it is better you understand each other’s emotions and desires.

Fulfill threesome fantasy

If you want to date a bi person, then you can expect the fulfillment of their threesome fantasy. So while making a sexual move towards them, keep that in mind. We figured this fact out from a threesome community where most of the people have been bisexual. So ask your partner about his/her fantasies on your date!

Striking a balance is quite crucial

Keeping a proper balance is very vital if you are going to date a bi person. Because these people are very emotional, and they keep on maintaining all this inappropriate balance in society. A continuous struggle for their existence restricts them to become interactive and converting a date into a relationship. Thus, make her/him believe that you are ready to accept them for who they are.


To date a bisexual is equally exciting and worthy. You can get the right partner for life if you give them a chance to explain their feelings and emotions. You must try to solidify your date in a serious relationship, regardless of sex or orientation.

Remember that your partner is attracted to you as an individual. And by understanding that they wish to remain with you, it will make your relationship stronger. All in all, yes, you can date a bi person and have a beautiful, long-lasting relationship!

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